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Editing a Food in the Diary

To edit how much you consumed of a food that you already recorded in the food diary, please follow these steps:

1. The title bar shows that you are adding a food.

2. This example shows an apple that has been added to the food diary.

3. In this expanded gray panel, you can see that 1 Apple has been selected.

The checkmark means the apple has been added.  

4. You are now in the Daily Diary.

5. To get more information about a particular food or to edit how much was consumed, select that food.  In this case, select the top item on the list, the apple.

The bottom left corner shows the Diary icon in red.  That means you are now looking at all the foods that have already been added to the Diary on Dec. 18th, 2021.

6. Now you will see the expanded gray panel at the bottom that correlates to the apple. 

This time, however, you are in the Diary looking at what you have added.  You can tell this by seeing the red Diary icon in the bottom left corner as well as noting the date at the top of the screen and the title of the screen being Daily Diary (rather than Add Food as it was shown in #1 above).

7. Select the Amount field and edit the amount.

8. Now select the Update button.

9. Here you will see that the Amount field has been edited to show that only half an apple was consumed and added to the Diary rather than a whole apple.