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Do you need to follow a special kidney diet? If so, the KidneyDiet app is for you. KidneyDiet helps people with kidney disease make better dietary choices. If you are facing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), becoming aware of the sodium, protein, phosphorus, potassium and fluids in your diet is of utmost importance. If you have ESRD and have already started dialysis, your diet will be different than it was before you began dialysis, but you will still have to pay attention to how much you consume of these nutrients.

It’s difficult to remember which foods are better for you than others when following a renal diet. So, just type an item into the search field or use the barcode scanner and quickly determine the nutritional counts of a variety of foods.  Use the Diary to record and track what you eat and gain insight into which foods are better for you.