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Chronic Kidney Disease & Diet Questions


Making a Better Choice

KidneyDiet is provided to help you understand which foods are better for you if you have either Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Your doctor has likely advised you to watch your intake of phosphorus, potassium, protein, sodium and fluids. This app will make it easy for you to quickly determine which foods are a better choice for your particular diet.

How Do I Make a Better Choice?

Take time to educate yourself about the nutrients that will affect your kidney health. If your kidneys are compromised, learn about how nutrients affect your overall health.  There are many resources online but nothing is a substitute for discussing your health with your medical providers.  Here are some questions to ask your doctor and your renal dietitian.

  • What stage is my kidney disease?
  • Can I prevent the need to go on dialysis?
  • Can I slow the progression of my kidney disease?
  • Should I limit my phosphorus intake?  If so, how many milligrams/day are allowed?
  • Should I limit my potassium intake?  If so, how many milligrams/day are allowed?
  • Should I limit my protein intake?  If so, how many grams/day are allowed?
  • Should I limit my fluids intake?  If so, how many milliliters/day are allowed? Or, how many ounces are allowed?
  • Should I limit my sodium intake?  If so, how many milligrams/day are allowed?
  • If I have high blood pressure or diabetes, does that affect how I should eat to help lessen the progression of kidney disease? Is there a diet that will help me with all three health issues?
  • If on dialysis, are there different kinds of dialysis that may be easier to tolerate? Are each as effective for my condition?
  • What kind of diet should I follow if on hemodialysis? If on peritoneal dialysis?

Answers to these questions will help you understand what to eat that is best for your health.  The guidelines your doctor sets for your are the guidelines that will help KidneyDiet work for you.

Eat right. Enjoy life.