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Deleting a Custom Food From The Diary

1. If you’ve added a custom food to the diary, it will show up on the date you added with a pencil icon next to it. The pencil signifies that this is a custom item which you created.

Please note that we suggest you try to work with foods we have in the database as the nutrients listed will be more comprehensive than if you create a custom food. Sometimes it’s better to search the database for more generic items and pick the one that most closely resembles the food you are trying to custom create.

2. Select the custom food and you will see a gray box appear on the bottom half of the screen.

3. A trashcan icon will show up on the top right corner of the gray box. Selecting the trashcan on this screen will remove the custom food from your Diary on that day.

4. Here you can see your custom food has been deleted.