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Creating A Custom Food

We strongly advise that you try to use foods that are already a part of the KidneyDiet Database. Please visit the following link that explains why creating custom foods can be misleading when it comes to understanding nutrient values in foods: Where did Custom Foods Go?

But, if you must create a custom food, please follow these steps.

1. Select the FlyOut Menu by clicking on the 3 bars on the top left side of the app.

2. Select Create Custom Food

3. Fill in the blanks. Please make sure to ask your dietitian about the values to input for phosphorus and water. Be sure the nutrient info you enter is correct. Beware that packaged foods are often missing data you need to enter here.

4. Save the newly created food. It can now be selected and added to the Daily Diary.

5. To edit a Custom Food, please select the plate icon next to the name of the food you created.