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Create A Meal

This guide shows how to group foods together to create a Meal. This Meal can then easily be added to the Daily Diary. In this example, we will create a salad and show multiple ways to add foods to a meal.

1. To create a meal, begin by opening KidneyDiet. In this instance, it opens to July 4th in the Daily Diary.

There are already a couple of recorded foods for the day: an apple and a PB&J sandwich.

2. Select the + sign to create a meal.

3. Notice that you have now opened the Add Food screen.

4. You are on the All Foods tab which will allow you to search all foods by typing in the search bar. Alternatively, you may select multiple foods at one time by using the radio check buttons.

Search in the All Foods tab for olive oil by typing in the search field.

To release the keyboard, select the return key on the bottom right of the screen.

Select “Olive oil” by touching the words.

“ Olive oil” will become highlighted and a gray panel will appear at the bottom that will allow you to access more information about the item, or allow you to add it to a meal as part of a food; or to just add it to your diary today as an individual food.

5. In this instance, select the Add to Meal button

6. Name the New Meal “Daily Salad” to denote that you often eat this particular assortment of items.

Select the return key to release the keyboard.

Then select the Save button.

7. Now you will see olive oil added to the Daily Salad. Select Add More Foods

8. Here is a shortcut to adding multiple items at one time by using the radio check buttons. You will see these items appear in the gray panel.

9. And you can then Add to Meal.

10. Again, add to your Daily Salad. Use the rolling list to select Daily Salad. Select Done and Save.

11. Now, view the items in your salad. Here you can edit the amounts or serving sizes.
Add to Diary, on the bottom right side of the screen, allows you to add the Daily Salad to your diary today.