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Adding Multiple Items At One Time To KidneyDiet

To select multiple items at one time and copy them to another day, please see the following instructions.

1. Select a day and then find the items you’d like to add to a different day.  In this case, we are selecting items from the Daily Diary on Aug 22, 2023 and adding them to Aug 23, 2023.

2. You can directly click on the “check circle” to the left of the food you’d like to add.  You can click on multiple items here.  They will show up in the gray box on the bottom panel.


3. You may select the top “check circle” and it will select all of the foods for that day.  In this case, all the foods on Aug 22 are selected.

Then, select the “Add to Another Day” button at the bottom of the screen.

4. The months, days, and years, are scrollable.  Select the day you would like to add the foods.  In this instance, we are selecting the next day, August 23, 2023.

5. Now, go to August 23rd using the scroll arrow to the right of the date.  When you get to Aug 23rd, you will see that your foods have been added.